Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tribal motif for bag

Tribal motif for bag
Tribal motif for bag,
originally uploaded by harvestmoon.
It worked! Apparently Blogger does not like photos from my private computer anymore and prefers Flickr. Oh well... The photo is a bit smaller than usual, but still I'm glad I'm now able to show what I am working on. So here is the next pic, showing the motif I cut out of an inner moped tube.

Felt pieces for a bag

Felt pieces for a bag
Felt pieces for a bag,
originally uploaded by harvestmoon.
I do hope I'm able to post this photo. (Keeping my fingers crossed...)

Current project

For some reason I am suddenly unable to upload photos, grumpf! Well... I'll just try and describe what I have been working on for the past few days. I made some red felt pieces to turn into a bag. I took an inner moped tube and cut out a motif I found on a tattoo-site, twice, for the front and back of the bag. I have been cutting inner bicycle tubes for the sides of the bag. It is a hell of a job, but I like the result very much, so far.

I may sound a bit curt, but this because I am frustrated by not being able to opload my pictures. I've tried just about everything and it does not work. Maybe uploading from Flickr will do the trick and I'll add my pictures later.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

So called scarf

I was so inspired after I saw some of the pictures from people knitting this scarf that I rushed out to the woolshop and bought five balls of Gedifra Stripe. Funnily the colours in the wool change right at the end of the rows, which I'm not too happy with. Well, I'll see what happens when I start knitting from the next ball. I very much like this herringbone stitch, though. It's quite fun to knit something that looks like it's woven. The pattern is to be found here
and I was inspired by hello pretty city's scarf, which I like better than mine because of the yarn she used. Apparently slightly irregular wool is better for this stitch. Hm...
I'd like a cardi with this stitch too.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I finished the f...... curtains! Now I do hope they're the right size, sigh...
And to celebrate my ending this chore I went into town to look for inner tubes, or whatever they are called. Tonight is the first evening of my third felting course, which I'm looking forward to very much. Our teacher Jolande had a great idea: we'll be combining recycled material with felt. Tonight we'll be using rubber. So that's why I went looking for tubes. And I got some at several bicycle shops. In return I will have to show the guys the finished product. A bag, I suppose...

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Curtain job

My hands are itching to do some felting. Or rather machine embroidery, because I found this great book at the library with lots of examples I want to try. But... I have an immense load of curtains lying on my table. They belong to Natasja and I promised I would make them 14.5 cm longer, which involves a lot of cutting lengthy pieces of fabric and measuring and stitching. It turns out to be a hell of a job. So that's my priority, at the moment. I just have do sit down and get it over with...

Monday, September 19, 2005

The finished bag

Here the bag I photographed earlier. Now I added a shoulder strap and it is now really finished.

Flower brooch for Gonny

I made this flower brooch specially for my friend Gonny, as a birthday present. It measures approximately 12 cm.
As she wears a lot of black she wanted something red.
I already made this flower on Thursday. I had to wait until today to write this entry, because I was afraid she might see the photo before I gave her her present...

Friday, September 16, 2005

Female flower

I leave it to you to guess what this is, but I must admit I felt somewhat like a gynaecologist when I was sculpting the wet felt. It is 22 cm long, by the way.
It is not finished, due to my cat who chose to lie on it for the whole night. What I must do now, is wet it thoroughly and sculpt it again into the right shape. And prevent my cat from lying on it again...

Monday, September 12, 2005

Sharmaine's bag

Sharmaine liked my Dream bag so much - and specially the 'spikes', as she called them - that she wanted one as well. So yesterday I felted her a shoulder bag, yet smaller than mine, as she is only nine years old. She chose the colours herself. The bag is still a bit damp and I still need to felt the shoulder strap. When it is really finished I'll make another photo to show the result.

Shoulder bag

This is the Dream bag I felted some time ago, after I had seen just such a bag in my dreams at night. It turned out just as I wanted it to be, only I made it a bit bigger than in my dreams, sothat I could put lots of things in it. It has a lining and with a zipper and a separate pocket, also with a zipper.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

And the third one...

And this is my still unfinished clappy. Not much to say about this, apart from the fact that I´m not using stitch markers but knit a purl stitch on the right side and knit the stitch that will be dropped on the wrong side.

It works! (I think...)

Yippy, I can upload photos! So here one more...
This is the ruffles scarf I crocheted during my vacation. Of course. it is only meant as decoration (of my neck, not only the mannequin you see in the picture). It will no be able to keep me warm in winter.
As I´m still not able to upload more than one pic in one entry, I´ll put the other pic in a separate entry, pfff...


This I time I´ll try my best and upload a photograph.
It looks like it´s going to work this time. I found out what I did wrong, ha!
This is the scarf I´m working on. At this moment it is much, much longer than in the pic. It is made from leftovers from my previous knitting period, about twenty years ago. It´s easy to to do and my first attempt at someting else than just plain knitting and purling. I won´t stop until it is veeeery long, or when I run out of wool...

Friday, September 09, 2005

I've gone crazy!

I just started a weblog and still can't believe it! I've wanted this for ages, but refrained from actually starting one because I'm busy as hell already. I already feel the pressure looming ahead. O.K. Here it suddenly is, my very own Weblog. God knows why I suddenly went ahead and filled out all these lines...
I promise myself faithfully not take this too seriously and see it as an exercise in becoming a sluggish blogger. (I know I won't succeed, though...)
It is my intention to write here about my crafty pursuits, as quite a few people ask me to do so. And I must admit I quite like the idea of jotting down what keeps my hands busy )or not, when I´m to busy to do any felting, knitting etc.) and what plans I have got for future projects.

Last Friday I came home from a relaxing vacation in Denmark. I spent quite a lot of time happily knitting on a bluebluegreen scarf. I also started a clapotis (yes, me too...) Right now the still unfinished clap is sitting with its balls of cotton in its plastic bag, hoping I will soon have some time to finish it. I hope this will not turn into my first UFO, but I doubt it.
And I started and finished a ruffles scarf (in crochet, because I did not want to knit an endless row of 720 stitches, which would not fit on my needles anyway.
So far I tried to upload three images, but this went totally wrong. Possibly due to Blogger getting down for maintenace. However, I might have done something wrong. I'm a newbie, so think I'll be excused. If not, what the heck! I´ll give it a retry very soon.