Saturday, November 05, 2005

Lucky day!

Today was my lucky day! Not only did I finally find a lovely warm winter coat (secondhand of course), but I also bought these three books. They have been on my Amazon-wishlist for ages. They are second-hand but brand-new! And so cheap as well! I am so happy!

At the moment I am still knitting my scarves for the Gothic/Fantasy fair, but I can hardly wait to go back to felting and embroidery. Especially with so many great books to inspire me!
And I want to spend more time on webdesign, too. I want to learn more about CSS and do some online tutorials on Photoshop. Actually I have so many plans that I practically drown in them. I have to be more consistent in writing them down in my notebook, but every time I do this more ideas pop up out of the blue and this puts me off. On Flickr I was given the advice to order the book by Julia Cameron, The Artists' Way. At first I had the impression that it was meant for people who suffer from a creative block, but after some research it might be something for me too, to help me get some more structure in my creative production. So I ordered it today at the bookshop. It will arrive in about two weeks' time. I also joined the Artists' Way-group on Flickr. We are to start working with the book on the 1st of January 2006. I'm looking forward to this. And maybe my fellow Flickrers have some advice for me too. No doubt there must be more people who suffer from the same problem as me.

Oh, I and I still want to revise my novel and go and look for a publisher. And... present my Amazing Circles to a publisher to use for postcards (idea from my mother) and maybe posters, too.
But now back to basics and on to the supermarket and sort out the laundry.


Blogger Jen said...

Hi Barbera,

Thanks for your email and your blog address. I enjoyed looking at your blog. I spent a few days with a Dutch friend in Den Haag a couple of years ago and remember travelling through Leiden. I would love to go to the textile markets! Your silk paper is just gorgeous. I have a blog too so please come and visit and see some more of my work. Best wishes,

12:18 PM  

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