Thursday, December 01, 2005

Felted bowl 1

Felted bowl 1
Originally uploaded by harvestmoon.
Yesterday I thought it would be a good moment to start on the felted lamp I still need to make for the exposition in January 2006, so I took out all my felting things. But when I began I suddenly found myself making a beret. Or so I thought. Because when the 'thing' came out of the washing machine (I first felted it by hand for some time and then gave it a final spin in the washing machine to make it felt some more) I knew it was supposed to be a bowl. I liked the bobbly structure too much. For a beret I would have had to stretch it and the bobbles would be lost.
In this picture you see how it first looked, like a brain with a plastic bag stucking out of it. Instant love, for some reason...


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